Is your packaging biodegradable?

Our plastic containers are completely biodegradable, and contain BioE™– a proprietary, completely safe, and non-toxic resin additive, applied during the manufacturing of all our plastic containers. This revolutionary science helps our shake containers break down more quickly once introduced to a microbe-rich environment–such as a landfill or compost pile. Our boxes, pillow packs, etc., are recyclable and our insulated cooler boxes, used during our U.S. summer cooler program, feature a biodegradable packing foam made of corn.

In addition, our Quality Assurance team performs a thorough evaluation of each of the company's ingredient suppliers to be sure that they have proven track records for ethically, and sustainably sourcing raw materials for our products. When it comes to caring for the environment and the disposal of toxic plastics, Isagenix is part of the solution, not part of the problem. Please join us in talking with others about the importance of reducing impurities and keeping our world healthy.

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