What’s the difference between IsaLife and IsaPulse?

IsaLife™ is an Isagenix System coaching platform that keeps Customers and Associates connected to their goals. It includes a nutrition and fitness tracker, personal coach, and product-ordering platform that automatically syncs with your Back Office account. You can also use the IsaLife application to place wholesale orders, set up or edit your Autoship, and check the status of your latest order.

IsaPulse™ is a team support platform that allows you to check statistics and receive real-time notifications about your team’s progress on your mobile device. With IsaPulse installed, you can call, text, email, or use social media to connect with your team members. Isagenix also uses IsaPulse to send important notifications geared specifically toward you, as well as key reminders for Isagenix events. While you can interact with your team using IsaPulse, the application is not designed to make changes to your account or orders.

Both the IsaLife and IsaPulse apps connect Customers to their Enrolling Sponsors; each platform is specialized to support teams in different ways.

Need more help? You can also email questions to HelpCenter@IsagenixCorp.com.

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