BĒA Sparkling Energizing Drink

Stay naturally vibrant with BĒA, a synergistic blend of raw nutrients, adaptogens, botanicals, vitamins and 100 mg of naturally sourced caffeine to give you a clean energy boost. BĒA contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and has less than one gram of sugar and 10 calories per serve. Replace your morning or afternoon coffee with BĒA for a natural, steady energy lift.

  • Made with raw nutrients sourced from fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, mushrooms, apple, strawberry and more
  • 100 mg caffeine naturally sourced from green tea
  • Packed with adaptogens and B vitamins
  • Refreshing Mango Mimosa and berry Bondi Bellini flavours
  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Ages 16+
  • Twelve 355 mL cans per case
  • Suitable for Cleanse Days
  • Clean Energy
    BEA provides a gentle, steady source of stimulation from the combination of raw nutrients, caffeine from green tea and B vitamins. Each can of BEA contains only 10 calories with only one gram of added sugar. Other energising drinks on the market can contain up to 50 g added sugar, 200+ calories as well as potentially harmful additives.
    Naturally Vibrant
    Sweetened by nature to highlight your natural vibrancy
    Environmental Initiative
    5% of profits are donated to protecting the earth and creating a better future.
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What’s Inside

Elevated energy with botanical caffeine and powerful adaptogens

Maitake mushroom:
Rich in antioxidants
Shiitake mushroom:
Boosts immunity to support overall wellbeing
Source of a multitude of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, magnesium, iron and folate
Sweet Potato:
High in fibre, vitamin A and contain natural sweetness
Green tea:
Natural caffeine
American Ginseng Root:
Assists with reducing inflammation and oxidative stress

Why Choose BEA?

Packed with adaptogens, nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables, and antioxidants


Sugar-Filled Energy Drinks

Expensive Coffee-House
Coffee ($6-$8)

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